Riding a bike becomes a great hobby. You can ride the bike to keep your health. While doing the sport you can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery around your house. Actually, there are several types of bike available in the market. One of the types and it is considered as the popular type nowadays is fixie bike. If you want to start a new hobby and you think that riding a bike is a great hobby, you can start to think about buying a new bike. If you need a reference, you can read the review about takara blacktop below and you can order the bike if you think it is an ideal bike.

For your information, this bike is a simple bike with compact design. The bike itself is made of stainless steel frame and fork. This simple and compact bike is supported by 24 inches alloy wheels. Safety is important for the riders especially if the have to ride the bike around the crowded place. For that reason, front and rear hand breaks are installed to make sure that you can stop the bike in the right time. To increase the comfort sense, takara blacktop is also supported by a fixed gear. Besides exploring the features of the bike, you also need to learn a little bit about the physical appearance. The appearance of the bike determines whether the bike is stylish enough or not. At least, when you ride the bike you can also increase your confident. Actually, this cool bike is offered in two different colors which are green and red. The tires of the bike are served in yellow color for combination.

takara blacktop fixie bike

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Probably, the explanation about the features and the physical appearance of the bike are not enough for you. If it is so, you can also read the reviews from the previous customers. At least, they know the facts about takara blacktop and you can use it for your consideration. The review from the customers is various and you can read it one by one before buying the bike. For example, one of the customers said that the bike is good in its color and the feature combination. On the other hand, she gave her complain on the material of the paint. She notices that the paint is mixed with sulfur. The other customer also said that the bike is a great bike for his son. Thanks to the 24 inches size of the bike and finally his son can ride a new fixie bike. In fact, most of the customers said that this bike is a great bike for young bikers and short adults. Besides giving the comment on the features and the appearance, some of them gave more comments on the price. The good news is that this bike is affordable enough to buy and $173.67 makes sense for them. They give this comment after feel the sensation of riding the bike and it is worth enough to buy. Hopefully, this short explanation helps you to decide whether you have to buy this bike or not.